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Did you know South Australia has the highest rate of the potentially life threatening meningococcal disease in the country? And, of all meningococcal cases, 80 per cent of infections in South Australia are caused by the B strain? Currently, the only way to be protected from Meningococcal B is to pay for immunisation through your GP.


With children under five years of age and young adults aged 15-24 years most at risk, the University of Adelaide is leading a study in partnership with SA Health to establish whether there are herd immunity benefits derived as a result of vaccination. The study, which aims to provide free public access to the Meningococcal B vaccine, will examine whether when a significant portion of a population is immunised against a disease, society can prevent the transmission of that disease from one person to another and protect those who are not immune.


And all South Australian high schools can B PART OF IT!


In 2017, Year 10, 11 and 12 students across the state will be eligible to participate in the study if their school signs up and parents and students provide consent. Schools will be randomly selected and the students who are part of the study in 2017 will be followed up in 2018. B PART OF IT.


In Australia today, 5-10 per cent of cases of meningococcal disease end in fatality, despite rapid treatment. But together, we can do something to change that.


Whether you’re a child, a parent, a teacher or a school principal, we encourage you to B PART OF IT - dig deeper, read more and learn about Meningococcal B – then work with us to make sure every eligible student in our state is immunised against the disease as soon as possible!